Musical Instruments 1 Year Limited Craftsmanship Warranty

The Yellow Tags provides high quality musical instruments at affordable price. We are please to offer a 1 year limited craftsmanship warranty, which applies only to products that have been purchased directly from us. (VOID if sold to the 3rd party). The Yellow Tags suggests that you read the warranty terms and conditions thoroughly, and invite you to contact us if you have any question. Our 1-year limited warranty starts from the day you receive the musical instruments as recorded. Your order number of your purchase is the warranty reference number, you will need to provide us the reference number to report any issue of the item. All original packaging must be retained and returned with the damaged or defective item. Any delay in report of defect and damage might cause the warranty to be void.

  • The warranty covers all defects in workmanship. We will pay for all labor and material costs for items covered under warranty (Please do not repair the item before notifying us). In case if repair will not resolve the problem, our company will replace with a brand new item of the same model or similar model that is valued the same or more.
  • Buyer is responsible for ALL SHIPPING AND HANDLING ($69.99 for Cello, and $39.99 for all other instruments) incurred if problem is reported after one week of received.
  • Instrument must be returned to manufacturer's warehouse to determine the cause of problem. Our professional luthier or technician will inspect the item to determine appropriate repair or replacement.
  • Recourse on repair/replacement of parts or whole is at the discretion of the manufacturer
  • Any repairs are carried out without our approval will NOT be reimbursed under any circumstances.


  • Any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from misuse, negligence, accident, abuse, or improper operation.
  • Deterioration by reason of perspiration, corrosive atmosphere, or other external causes such as extremes in temperature or humidity.
  • Normal wear and any periodic maintenance (i.e. worn frets, worn machine heads, worn plating, string replacement, scratched pick guards, or damages to or discoloration of the instrument finish for any reason).
  • Pads and felt parts.
  • Any customization of parts (i.e. bridge, pegs), freight, handling and removal/installation costs are not covered under this warranty.
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