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Cecilio 2Series TT-280BK Black Lacquer Bb Trumpet with Monel Valves

MSRP: $399.99
Our Price: $189.99
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I am a music education major at Oakland University and I own two Bach student trumpets and a Stradivarius. I have always wanted a black trumpet, so when I saw this online for under 200 dollars I did some research and bought it. There was very little comments on cecilio brand instruments, and all the professional musicians will tell you not to go outside of the name brands. So I decided to go out on a limb and buy this trumpet.

it looks awesome/beautiful
all of the slides work well except the third valve slide is slow
not advertised, but there is a stopper on the third valve slide finger ring that catches the slide so it won't fall out. very useful...if the third slide was smoother
the tone is great! but the sound is a little bit small, however i did compare it to my $6,000 Strad.
The valves are good, but the first valve has been sticking, however i think after time it will get better.
there were no real defects on the horn, except possibly the logo on the bell may be incompletely colored. not a big deal it looks good still
on a different website i read a review about not having contact information for manufacture defects, but i had that information with mine
The case is very nice, very light, very small, my Strad didn't fit in it, the leadpipe was a fraction of a milimeter too big.

All in all, if this is your or your kids first trumpet, buy it for sure, i wouldn't go with a kids favorite color tho because those things change. The black will get a middle school kid attention so will a silver or nickel. And if you have been playing for a few years and have 200 bucks buy it. you won't regret it!
Date Added: 11/08/2009 by Noah Pollock
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